Pool Pillow Pal Valve Sealer



  • Helps keep the air in your pool pillow
  • Protects winterized pools
  • Keeps the air valve closed on pool pillow
  • Air-tight seal helps keep pool pillow inflated
  • Removable for storage of pillow at end of season

The Pool Pillow Pal Air Valve Sealer improves the function of any air pillow be sealing and securing the air valve.  Simply peel and stick over the air valve and it creates an airtight seal around the valve preventing leaking and helps keep the valve closed throughout the winter so the pillow can do its job. The specially designed synthetic material is super strong and creates a bond that will keep the valve secure, but it still can be removed in the spring for storage of your pool pillow. To make using a pool pillow even easier, secure it to the cover with The Pool Pillow Pal to connect the pillow to your winter cover without the hassle of tying it in.

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