Kokido Delta 200 Battery Robotic Cleaner



Make pool cleaning a breeze with the Kokido Delta 200 Battery Robotic Cleaner! This state-of-the-art cordless cleaner is designed to handle both in-ground and above-ground pools with flat bottoms on a variety of surfaces, from vinyl to polyester to concrete and beyond. Its intelligent “stop and go” system allows it to turn around automatically upon contact with the pool wall, while its magnetic switch ensures a tight seal to prevent water leakage. With the Delta 200, you’ll receive all assembly parts, a charging cord, 1 standard filter, a basic retrieval kit, and instructions to get you started right away. And with an adjustable front wheel and blinking LED battery indicator, you can easily optimize your cleaning path and monitor your battery life. Say hello to cleaner, clearer water and goodbye to pool cleaning headaches!

UPC: 844268014030

Brand: Kokido

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