InSPAration Tropical Island Spa Aroma Crystals – 19OZ

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Experience an indulgent tropical escape within the confines of your own spa with our InSPAration Tropical Island Spa Aroma Crystals. Specially formulated for Spas, Hot Tubs & Jetted Baths, these exquisite aromatherapy crystals transport you to paradise while enhancing the harmony of your luxurious bathing experience. Infused with the finest vitamins, minerals, and natural skin-softening extracts, these crystals not only nourish your senses but also leave your skin feeling irresistibly smooth. Rest assured, our crystals are meticulously designed to ensure they never clog filters or disrupt water chemistry, making maintenance a breeze. Let the sublime blend of Epsom Salt and solar sea salt envelop you in a serene oasis, while effectively alleviating chemical odors. Create an ambiance of opulence and let the essence of the tropics embrace your own personal sanctuary.

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