InSPAration Signature Daydream Epsom Salt Aromatherapy – 16OZ


Immerse yourself in a sensorial sanctuary of pure indulgence with InSPAration Signature Daydream Epsom Salt Aromatherapy. Enveloping your senses, this opulent concoction unleashes a harmonious fusion of tropical flowers, radiant orange, succulent mango, delicate water lilies, and vibrant hibiscus. Infused with the timelessness of sandalwood and the exotic allure of tropical musk, this sublime blend transports you to a luxurious oasis of tranquility. Immerse yourself in this tantalizing bath ritual to unwind, revitalize, and experience unparalleled pampering that unveils a rejuvenated you, inside and out.

UPC: 755558134829

Brands: InSPAration