InSPAration Citrus Splash Spa Pearl Crystals – 11OZ

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Embark on a sensory voyage that exudes lavishness and tranquility with InSPAration Spa Pearl Crystals. Let these remarkable fragrance crystals transport you to a world of opulence and opulent self-care. Each 11OZ jar is a testament to our commitment to luxury, as these crystals are thoughtfully crafted with rich, soothing, and high-quality ingredients. Cherish moments of pure relaxation as the intoxicating scents fill the air, offering a sanctuary for your mind and body to unwind. Beyond their indulgent fragrances, these crystals are laden with minerals that effortlessly nourish and soften your skin, creating a velvety touch that invites you to fully embrace the art of pampering. Revitalize your senses and lavish yourself with the soothing embrace of these extraordinary crystals, for an unforgettable spa experience that leaves your skin feeling exquisitely supple.

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