Frog Swim Spa @ease Floating System

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Transform your swim spa into a sanctuary of luxury with the Swim Spa @ease Floating System, revolutionizing the way you maintain your water quality. Experience the benefits of up to 75% less chlorine, eliminating the hassle of yo-yo chlorine levels. With the Swim Spa @ease system, you only need to shock your swim spa once a month, allowing it to self-regulate for consistently crystal clear water. Say goodbye to tedious monitoring and chemical mixing – this system takes care of it all. The transparent silver cartridge lets you easily check the SmartChlor levels, while the convenient snap-on design simplifies the replacement process. Protect your swim spa surfaces and enjoy an odor-free environment, without the need for cyanuric acid. Keep your swim spa water pristine by replacing the system every 4 months or when draining and refilling – indulgence has never been easier with Swim Spa @ease.

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