FROG Leap Pool Wake-Up! / Pool Hibernation Opening and Winterizing Kit

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FROG Leap make you life a little easier with the FROG Leap Pool Wake-Up! Kit for opening and the FROG Leap Hibernation Kit for closing your pool. This convenient box keeps you prepared with all the chemicals you need to open and close your pool with confidence! The three step program of pre-filled cartridges dispense through the FROG Leap Infuzer so there is no measuring or mess to deal with!

  • Easy to open and close the pool
  • Convenience in a box
  • No measuring
  • No mess to clean up
  • No harmful chemicals to touch

Brands: Frog

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    How It Works

    The kit includes three products, all designed to function within the FROG LEAP Infuzer as easily as Ready, Set, Go. You ready the pool with Depth Charge that dispenses in 1 hour and is then removed and the pac recycled. Then you set the initial chlorine level with Reveille that again dispenses in one hour. Lastly your pool is ready to go after All-Out 90 Day Algae Preventative that dispenses in 90 minutes. (From the manufacturer)