FROG Jump Start Spa Shock Activator

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Get your spa started the right way with FROG Jump Start Activator Shock. This start-up hot tub shock comes in an easy to pour packet, with a unique effervescent feature so you know it’s working. Extend the life of your bromine cartridges by adding one packet for every 500 gallons of water in your spa after every drain and refill. One packet of FROG Jump Start will get your spa to the bromine residual it needs to stay stable throughout usage. Recommended drain and refill time is four months depending on usage and bather load

  • No measuring
  • Easy to pour packet
  • Formulated effervescence helps to dissolve fast
  • Gets the tub started with a low chlorine residual
  • Best if used every refill with fresh water

Brands: Frog

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    How It Works

    FROG Jump Start provides a dichlor chlorine shock with a unique effervescence that is designed specifically for starting-up a freshly filled spa. Its a one-dose-fits-all shock product that dissolves quickly. The bubbling action properly sets the initial chlorine level on spas up to 500 gallons and creates a start-up level of sanitizer that can be used to help find the right setting for the bromine cartridge (see manual for instructions). (From manufacturer)