Caribbean Spa Granular Chlorine Hot Tub and Spa Sanitizer



Quickly and safely sanitize your hot tub water with Caribbean Spa Granular Chlorine. This fine granular chlorine dissolves the second it is poured into the water, simply broadcast the amount suitable for your size spa to sanitize your water creating crystal clear, healthy, and safe water to relax in.
Let your troubles drift away with the bubbles after using Caribbean Spa Granular Chlorine, available in three handy sizes.

Sanitize weekly with a small amount of Caribbean Spa Granular Chlorine

Easy to use, Fast-dissolving
Effectively sanitizes hot water quickly
Made in the USA

Available in 1Lb, 2Lb, and 4Lb containers.

Size: 1 lbs. | 2 lbs. | 4 lbs.

Brands: Caribbean Blue