Caribbean Spa Enzyme Plus Scum Reducer for Hot Tubs- 16oz.

SKU: C005027-CS40P


Remove odors, waterline build up, and organic deposits with Caribbean Spa Enzyme Plus. Caribbean Spa Enzyme Plus is a concentrated enzyme formulated to keep lotions, makeup, hair products, sweat, and body oils off the spa floors and walls. Saving you time and money there is less cleaning and less chemical usage to maintain a safe, clean, healthy spa. Use weekly for best results.

  • Reduce scum buildup on waterlines and inside filter housing
  • Keep lotions, makeup, hair products, and body oil off the wall of the spa
  • Save time and money on chemicals
  • Use weekly to keep spa walls clean
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • For the best results use with the Caribbean Spa chemical line. Always read and follow the label directions before adding any chemicals to pool or spa water.

Brands: Caribbean Blue

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