Caribbean Spa Chlorine-Free Oxidizer Shock for Hot Tubs



Restore clarity to your hot tub water with Caribbean Spa Chlorine-Free Oxidizer Shock. This fine granular non-chlorine shock can be used in conjunction with all spa sanitation methods.

Oxidizing the water gets rid of bather waste that can cloud the water and reduce the efficiency of sanitizers. By using Caribbean Spa Chlorine-Free Spa Shock you will restore cleanliness, clarity, and comfort to your water within 15 minutes.

  • Compatible with chlorine, bromine, copper-silver ionization, minerals, and chlorine generators
  • Use in any spa regularly to oxidize waste from the water
  • Fine granules are fast-dissolving
  • Only 2 tablespoons per 500 gallons needed to work effectively
  • Made in the USA

Available in 2.2Lb and 5Lb containers.

NOTE: **5LB Containers REQUIRE a signature at delivery.**

Size: 2.2 lbs. | 5 lbs.

Brands: Caribbean Blue