Caribbean Spa Bromide Builder for Hot Tubs

SKU: C005022-CS40P


The first step in hot tub sanitation, Caribbean Spa Bromine Builder, creates a base for bromine sanitized spas. Adding Caribbean Spa Bromine Builder establishes a bromine reserve when a spa is filled with fresh water. Continue sanitizing the water with Caribbean Spa Slow-Dissolving Bromine Tablets to maintain a healthy, sanitary, and safe sanitizer level in your spa.

  • Fast-dissolving granules to build a bromine bank quickly in the water
  • Easy to use, simply broadcast over the water’s surface with the jets on
  • Use when the spa is filled with fresh water
  • Maintain a level of 2-4ppm of bromine for safe, bacteria-freewater
  • Made in the U.S.A.

For best results- Use Caribbean Spa Bromine Tablets and balancers to sanitize, oxidize, and balance spa water weekly.

Brands: Caribbean Blue

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