Caribbean Blue Sunblock Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer


Protect your pool with Caribbean Blue Sunblock Cyanuric Acid Stabilizer. Caribbean Blue Sunblock protects chlorine from getting removed from swimming pool water by offering UV light protection to stabilize the water. Use less chlorine, have less algae, save time and money on chemicals! Caribbean Blue Sunblock not only protects your pool but also conditions the water creating a more comfortable and healthy pool for your family.

  • Cyanuric Acid increaser
  • Protect chlorine in water using less during the season
  • Natural water conditioner
  • Protect pool equipment by reducing harsh sanitizers
  • Easy to use application

Always test your water before adding any chemicals to the water. Follow directions on provided label for any chemical usage.

**For Spring Book discount you must purchase 2- buckets.

Size: 4 lbs. | 10 lbs.

Brands: Caribbean Blue

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.