Blue Torrent Universal Slide Slice Valve 1.5″ MPT 1.5″ FPT Black Shut Off Valve for Pool Filters

SKU: AC26859P


Make cleaning your swimming pool filter a breeze with a Universal Slide Slice Valve. The male threaded 1.5 inch end will thread into almost any pool pump or filter tank while the female threaded end is perfect for a threaded combination hose adapter for any size filter hose.

Buy two to shut off the water coming in to the filter and leaving the filter for easy clean up and draining.

  • Universal Slide Gate Valve for Filter tanks.
  • 1.5″ threaded male and female sides
  • Plunger with stopper included
  • Use to clean filters, stop water loss while emptying pump basket, and winterization

Brands: Blue Torrent

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