Blue Torrent Solar Dome Pool Heater

SKU: AC70203


Use FREE energy to heat your pool using the Blue Torrent Solar Dome Pool Heater. The clear dome of the solar heater creates a “green house” effect to increase the heat transfer to the water.

Easy to hook up to any size pool with just one extra hose (sold separately). Adjustable, foldable legs on the included stand can be set to maximize the heaters exposure to the sun.

Add multiple Solar Dome Heaters together to keep water up to temperature at double the speed!

  • Easy set up
  • No electric to run
  • Increase the heat in your pool water by 10 degrees
  • No bypass required for pumps up to 1HP
  • One cube is equal to 30 feet of 1.2 diameter garden hose

Brands: Blue Torrent

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