Blue Torrent Replacement Valve for Swimline 8965 & Hayward SP0723 2 WAY BALL VALVE/BACKWASH VALVE

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For use with the Hayward Perflex pool filter models EC30, EC40, EC50, EC65, or EC75 for backwashing.


  • 1.5 Male threaded end
  • 1.5 Female threaded end
  • Shut-off handle is removable
  • Union for quick disconnect or servicing
  • Makes backwashing DE Filters easy!

Brands: Blue Torrent

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    Use with Hayward X-Stream, Easy-Clear, Star-Clear, SwimClear or most any brand cartridge filter with 1.5 bottom drain for lowering your water level. Just remove the 1.5 drain plug and replace with the ball valve. Shut-off handle is removable to prevent accidental opening and draining of the pool.has a 1.5 threaded male fitting on one end, 1.5 threaded female opening on the opposite side, with a smooth turning shut-off valve and quick-disconnect union in the center.
    This in ground or above ground pool pump and filter must-have is ideal for backwashing diatomaceous earth filters. Simply install this valve, add a backwash hose and clamp, open the valve and bump your D.E. filter bump handle to flush debris from the filter. Then close the valve and add more DE as needed (see filter manual for more detailed directions).