Blue Torrent Diver Duck Chlorine Chemical Dispenser Floater

SKU: BS19763


This rubber ducky knows how to add fun to ANY swimming pool. Diver Duck Chlorine Chemical Dispenser Floater for your pool. His cute little snorkel and scuba mask make him ready for any water that comes his way. The Chemical Dispenser hold Chlorine sticks, tabs, or 3″ Chlorine Pucks.

  • Adjustable dispenser for optimum sanitizer disbursement
  • Cute rubber ducky design
  • Holds up to 5- 3″ Chlorine Pucks
  • Won’t get stuck in the skimmer
  • Add a Diver Duck Thermometer for a matching set!

Always balance your water and test weekly to make sure you have a save sanitizer reading and your water is safe and healthy for your family!

Brands: Blue Torrent

UPC: 022372197638

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