It’s that time of year again… contemplation of what will make your new year better than the last. Will it be to lose a few pounds, save money for a trip, pay down bills, yell at your kids less, or maybe have a new adventure. Whatever your resolution might be we have found a way to help you at Valley Pool & Spa

Are you dreaming big for 2020? According to the Ispos 2020 New Year’s Resolution Study, 38% of Americans tend on making resolutions for 2020. Out of those 38% who make resolutions, 20% will make more than one. When it comes to decision-making skills, changes to lifestyle habits, or improving your social life, there is no time like the present. 

Life is better by the pool

Having a pool and spa from Valley Pool & Spa can get you restitution on your resolution (say that five times fast!). After being in business for over fifty years the team at Valley Pool & Spa can tell you that we are the secret for a healthy lifestyle. Keep reading to find out the secrets for the top six yearly resolutions!

6. Live a more “Eco-friendly” & “Green” lifestyle

Already own a pool? Valley Pool & Spa stays up on the times and brings in the newest and most improved equipment to make sure our customers can get the best top-rated equipment for their pools. The Jacuzzi JVX160 Pro Grade Variable Speed Pool Pump  is one of the best ways to create an “eco-friendly” swimming pool. This pump is designed to produce cleaner water with much greater efficiency. Variable pool pumps reduce operating costs, lower noise levels, and reduce greenhouse emissions. 

Looking for a hot tub? The new BestLife hot tubs exclusively for Valley Pool & Spa are rated with the utmost energy efficiency. Dual 2-speed pumps allow the hot tub to heat without wasting energy on full speed jets when the tub is not in use. The hot tubs are also surrounded by a barrier under the tub to keep plumbing and equipment free from the elements and to keep moisture out. This is then surrounded by a “green” Rockwool insulation that captures and recirculates the hot tub’s own heat energy throughout the interior cabinet reducing the demand on the heater, reduces noise levels, and reduces greenhouse emissions passing the toughest level of codes in the state California. 

Green Guard

5. Improve Social Life

Nothing will improve your social life more than telling friends and family you just bought a brand new pool or hot tub. Invite the family over for a low-key pool party and have them bring friends, everyone loves to cook out and you can make it as simple or extravagant as you wish. Be sure to always have your new pool water tested before and after parties to prevent bacteria from growing and have the crystal clear water everyone will be excited to jump in to!  Hot tubs always draw smaller crowds and are great for date nights. Go sophisticated by throwing a wine, cheese and hot tub party or go crazy and have a Super Bowl hot tub party with nachos and beer (just be sure to keep electrical devices like tvs and radios away from the tub). Check out the new party accessories for both hot tubs and pools at your nearest Valley Pool & Spa store. 

Hot tub

4. Improve Mental Health

Are you overwhelmed at work or with life in general? Are the kids driving you crazy? Your mental health is more important than you think which is why we are shocked that it is only the 4th most popular New Year’s resolution for 2020. Anxiety seems to be a word heard multiple times a day along with the almighty downer, depression. There have been multiple intense studies done on the health benefits of hot tubs for good reason. Hot Tubs are a perfect way to battle symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, and even insomnia. Hot water massage alone can increase blood flow, decrease neuroendocrine responses and help you breathe which in turn relaxes your body and mind. BestLife Hot Tubs sold exclusively at Valley Pool & Spa take into consideration all aspects of relaxation including aroma therapy, sound therapy, and sight therapy. Aromas can help trick the body into relaxing by breathing slower and deeper. Bluetooth stereos on the BestLife Hot Tubs can also help with mental health. Set up an audio book to listen to while relaxing in the hot water, put on your favorite music,  download an app with white noise to relax you. All of those sounds will decrease anxiety, depression, and stress which will, in turn, help create a better you!

Hot tub

3. Lose Weight 

This comes as no surprise and is especially noticed in January when every other commercial is for a gym membership, supplement, or weight loss plan. However, we can tell you that losing weight can actually be fun. Especially in a pool or hot tub from Valley Pool & Spa! Losing weight by exercising is a given but exercising in a pool is the best way to keep flexible, protect joints, have fun, and keep cool! By exercising in water (even just walking or jogging in place) you are taking 80% of the normal pressure off joints like knees and ankles but burning MORE calories than normal jogging and walking. By exercising in the pool you can exercise longer, keep cool, and because water resistance is 800…yes we said 800 times stronger than air! 

Hot Tubs can also help with losing fat and toning your body. Hot water massage has been known to increase circulation which can help many different things in your body. It promotes healthy digestion, reduces bloating and constipation, helps blood flow which creates more energy to work out in the first place. Small exercises can also be done in a hot tub no matter the size which brings us to our next resolution…

2. Exercise More

Number 2 and 3 go hand in hand because we all know you aren’t going to lose weight if you don’t exercise. Water exercises are one of the biggest trending health care blogs and pins on Pinterest. We have done the honors of putting together a Valley Pool & Spa’s Pinterest board, Water Workouts to find a water workout that will suit your needs no matter what you are trying to accomplish. There are workouts for pregnant women, people with joint pain, people with artificial limbs and joints, those who can’t use their legs, those that can’t use their arms, the list goes on and on. See what exercises can help you lock in your 2020 resolution!

under water

1. Improve your Financial Situation

Here’s the big one… everyone wants to have more money to do what they want, when they want. If you are like the majority of the American Adults you are lumping this resolution in with another one you’d like to accomplish in 2020, so why not multi-task. That’s the way our lives go these days anyway. Improve your financial situation and exercise more by getting a pool. A gym membership with a pool will cost you $100 or more a month. In 2020 you will pay $1200.00 in gym fees and probably only go between 1-2 times a week after the month of March, if you stick with your resolution. An average above ground pool from Valley Pool & Spa costs $1299.00 and includes the pool, liner, filter, skimmer, and ladder. I don’t know about you but just the thought of swimming in my own water instead of using the gym pool after the children’s swim class lets out is much more appealing. Take your start up gym membership fee and put it down on a pool for this summer. Valley Pool & Spa is having a pool lay-a-way sale now with just $100 down on any pool then take until June 1, 2020 to pay it off!

$$$SAVE BIG!$$$


Don’t have room for a pool and want to improve your mental health in 2020? All 2019 BestLife Hot Tub Floor Models are currently $1000s off at all Valley Pool & Spa showrooms. BestLife Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes from a couples small tub up to an 8ft six person hot tub loaded with all the bells and whistles. Think of the money you will save plus enhance your mind, body, and spirit for 2020.

So what did we learn? Valley Pool & Spa can help you make your new year better than last and accomplish your goals for 2020, it’s as easy as visiting one of the six locations as soon as you can. 

Happy New Year!