Is your aboveground pool’s liner starting to look a little worn down? A vinyl liner can typically last between 10 and 15 years, although there are a variety of factors that can impact its lifespan. Here are some of the top signs that your pool needs a new liner, including in your pool maintenance in Pittsburgh.

Cracking or Tearing

All vinyl liners deteriorate over time due to exposure to both pool chemicals and the sun’s UV rays. You will need to inspect the pool liner regularly and during any pool maintenance for cracking or tears, which can be symptomatic of a larger problem, such as water leakage. If you find cracks, keep an eye on the water level for a couple of weeks. If the water level drops by more than one inch, there are likely one or more leaks. Be sure to have a pool maintenance professional assess the pool liner as quickly as possible. He or she will tell you that if the vinyl is too old, it will be too brittle, and a patch will no longer bond to it.

Slipping, Wrinkling, and Stretching

You may need to arrange some pool maintenance if you notice that the liner beads in some areas or slips out of the track, these are symptoms that it’s stretching too much. It’s best not to push the envelope with your pool’s liner. Leaving it too long when it is stretching, can damage your pool and bring on costly repairs.


If you can find where a leak is in your pool, you may be able to patch it and get a few more seasons out of the liner. However, if you can’t find the leak, you’ll need to replace your pool’s liner.