swimming pool

Now that summer is coming to an end; you may be thinking about when you should close your pool for the season. It can be difficult to say goodbye to swimming season, but when you invest in a pool heater, you can enjoy your pool for longer.

Keep the Pool Comfortable – If you enjoy night swimming, or the pool water is particularly icy, a pool heater can ensure that your pool stays comfortable. Even at the height of summer, there are times where the pool water is just a little too cold to be comfortable.

Extend Your Swimming Season – Closing your pool at the end of the season is a sad occasion, but with a pool heater you can put off the inevitable for a few more months. If you’ve ever wanted to keep swimming long into September, you should invest in a pool heater.

Where to Find the Best Pool Heaters – Valley Pool & Spa stocks multiple heaters from the top brands in the industry. If you want a pool heater that will heat your water efficiently and keep your pool comfortable after the season ends, stop into one of our six convenient locations in the Pittsburgh area.

Our pool heaters in Pittsburgh, PA, are an excellent investment that will keep your pool warm and comfortable season after season.