You talked it over with everyone you could think of, your spouse, your friends, your kids, your hairstylist and you finally decided. It is time to make your dream of owning a Swim Spa come to life! Now you need to prepare your backyard for the big delivery day!

Before you start showing off to the neighbors there is a small process to go through to prepare your backyard for a swim spa. Follow the steps below to make your luxury safe, efficient, and beautiful! 

Step 1- Search for a Safe Spot

Picking out the ideal spot in your yard is more than figuring where it looks the best. First, ensure the spot is not near power lines or fuse boxes. Keep at least 5 feet or more away from the nearest power source or electric equipment, such as lamp posts. Search for a convenient location from a water source to make installation easy. Last but not least, find level ground or create a level spot for the size of the spa plus steps and other accessories you’d like to add outside of the spa.

Step 2- Preparing the Ground

Once you have settled on a spot in your yard that is safe and makes sense to your plans, you’ll want to work on preparing the ground. Leveling the ground is an easy part of installation. By leveling the ground  you will also want to remove any rocks and uneven ground. Generally just make the entire area one flat surface. However, if you are not physically able to level your ground give your closest landscaping company a call for an estimate. You may be able to get them to give you pointers for landscaping after the spa is installed! 

Step 3- Self-installing vs. Professional Installation

In this case size definitely does matter when you are putting a SwimLife Swim Spa in your backyard. You may have heard that your friends and neighbors installed their own hot tub however there is a big difference between a 600 lb  7 foot square hot tub and a 24oo lb 12 foot and longer Swim Spa. Valley Pool & Spa‘s professional installation will not only allow you to have a peace of mind but will also keep the “literal” weight off your shoulders. Trust us when we say, leave it to the pros for this install. 

Step 4- The Best Timing

All projects have a better time than others but if you get a great deal or you aren’t available any other time, sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Preparing your backyard for a swim spa is best done in the late spring when most outdoor projects are done. Nice weather and softer ground definitely benefit you when leveling the area. The electrical is done at the mercy of your electrician’s schedule, try to book your electrician as soon as you decide on your backyard space where you want the hot tub and get an estimate. You may find that where you want your swim spa to live originally will be out of the budget for electric or unsafe. Concrete work is done best in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Be sure to let the concrete cure completely before having the  delivered to the pad. 

Step 5- Fun Stuff

Now that you got through all the boring prep, now it’s time to think fun and festive! What is the motif of your backyard going to be? Relaxing Zen Garden, Party Central, Family Fun, or all of the above? Pick out accessories, plants, and lighting that will be safe and create the final touch to your backyard oasis. Do you need steps to get into your new swim spa? Do you need a deck built? Add solar lighting to enhance the area plus create a safe area at night for entering and exiting the spa. Landscaping not your thing but you still want it to look nice? Try some large flower pots filled with lemon grass and marigolds, both known to keep mosquitos and other bugs at bay! Need more ideas? Check out the Valley Pool & Spa Pinterest boards, tons of ideas and visuals to help you decide what is the best to decorate your vision of a backyard oasis. 

By putting in some work before the big day you will be able to make the most out of your investment for many years to come. Have fun and get relaxing!