Pleatco Filter Wash Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tablets for Pools


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The NEWEST innovation in filter cartridge cleaning, Pleatco Filter Wash Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tablets. Each one of these handy little tablets can clean up to two cartridges within 25 minutes! No more harmful chemicals splashing up on clothing or skin. Now the dirty cartridge water can be disposed after cleaning without harming the environment! Use one tablet Each time you clean your filter.

  • No measuring
  • No harmful splashing of chemicals
  • Safe on fabric cartridge filters
  • Enviromentally friendly
  • Fast acting, loosens debris from cartridge surface

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    Pleatco Filter Wash Tablets for Pool Filters can handle larger cartridges.
    Pleatco Filter Wash Tablets for Spa Filters can handle smaller sized cartridges at a fraction of the price!
    Have some tablets on hand when you have troubling algae or cloudy water. Always clean your filter with a filter cleaner and degreaser after any pool or spa water troubleshooting.
    Always clean pool cartridges at least twice a pool season and spa cartridges monthly.


    1 lbs