Maytronics Dolphin Active10 / S50 Cartridge Upgrade Ultra-Fine Filter

SKU: 9991460-ASSY


You can now filter your pool water twice as fast keeping it clearer, cleaner, and healthier for your family.

  • Use the original filter net basket at the beginning of the season to rid the pool of large debris then switch to the ultra-fine cartridge canister for swimming season.
  • Easy to use in Active 10, Echo, and S50 Dolphin pool cleaners
  • Simply click in to change
  • Maytronics replacement part


  • Filter: Ultra-Fine porosity Suction rate: 3,735 gal (USA) per hour Unit weight: 4 lbs

Brands: Maytronics

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    Add some extra cleaning power to your Maytronics Dolphin Active10 or S50 pool vacuum with the Ultra-Fine Filter Cartridge upgrade by Maytronics. Even though your Dolphin cleaner is designed to capture leaves and organic debris that you may find in the pool the original filter net basket will not filter the water while cleaning. For pool water that is cleaner, faster upgrade to the Maytronics Ultra-Fine Filter basket so as your pool is being cleaned from large debris the water can also be filtered down to the same micron your pool filter normally cleans!