LED Solar Powered Bluetooth Step Light

SKU: 9015-RGB/BT


  • LED Solar Powered Step Lightby InnovaPlas
  • Light up your pool with the Bluetooth Color InnovaLite 9015-RGB/BT. This high-power LED light uses SMT technology (surface-mount technology) for a brighter output.
  • The InnovaLite is easy to install on any of our models and will allow you to use your pool even after nightfall.


  • High-output SMT color LED light.
  • Bluetooth-enabled so you can easily control it from your smartphone.
  • Functional up to a range of 100 feet.Wide variety of colors.
  • 120V power supply (no batteries required).
  • Low electrical consumption.
  • The LED bulb will never need replacement.
  • Generates very little heat.
  • 90% less energy than halogen bulb.

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