FROG Bac Pac Chlorine Pellet Pac for FROG Mineral Pool Systems – IN STORE PURCHASE ONLY



The Pool FROG Bac Pac supplies chlorine to the 5400 unit and does not require constant measuring or application for one of the simplest sanitizers on the market.

Alternative Sanitizer Features:

  • Chlorine replacement cartridge for pool mineral sanitizer.
  • For use in pools up to 40,000 gallons.
  • Eliminates bacteria, algae and other contaminants.
  • Easy installation, just insert into sanitzer.
  • Easy maintenance, just replace the cartridge when it’s been spent.

Brands: Frog

Quantity: 1pc | 6pcs

UPC: 722906050513


The Pool FROG Bac Pac fits directly into the mineral sanitizer reservoir, supplying the minimal amount of chlorine paired with natural minerals to keep your pool water looking and feeling great. The chlorine supplied to your pool is adjusted on the front of the 5400 Cycler and is adjusted easily with the turn of a dial.The design of the Pool FROG 5400 and Bac Pac enable chlorine usage to be minimized by up to 50%, keeping your water more comfortable for swimmers. The use of chlorine and minerals reduces swim and eye irritation while avoiding unpleasant odors caused by chemicals. The Pool FROG Bac Pac ensures a clean and comfortable pool with no measuring, storing or hauling of chemicals.