FILTER FROG Mineral Sanitation Filter Stick for Spas

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The easiest way to sanitize your spa, Filter FROG Mineral Sanitation Stick. This super easy to use mineral stick fits easily into the middle of any spa filter cartridge. Create a more comfortable water environment in your spa by using the Filter FROG that sanitizes using a low level of minerals. Save time and money on chemicals since this mineral stick only needs a supplement of 1ppm chlorine or bromine!

  • Can be used on tubs up to 600 gallons
  • Kills bacteria
  • Use 50% less bromine or chlorine
  • Conveniently fits inside any filter cartridge
  • Compatible with ozone and UV systems

Be sure to add a packet of FROG Jump Start to the spa when the water is refilled for an effective start up.

Brands: Frog

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