Dolphin Maytronics S200 In Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

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  • Cable Length- 50 feet
  • Weight- 24 lbs
  • Coverage- Wall, Floor, Cove, and Deep End
  • Filtration- Top access, Fine and Ultra-fine cartridges included
  • Cleaning Cycle- 2 Hours
  • Warranty- 2 years

Dolphin Robotic Cleaner Caddy sold separately.

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Scrub away algae and bacteria with the Dolphin Maytronics S200 In Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner. This multi-layer filtering robotic cleaner separates the rough larger debris from the smaller particles for highly efficient, clog-free filtration. This S-series cleaner also scrubs away any dirt on the liner or pool wall with super active brushing action. Powered by CleverClean navigation the S200 robotic cleaner is advanced to know what route to take in your pool to clean in the most efficient route. Able to clean the floors and wall of the pool the multi-function energy saving supply can change the mode of the cleaner with the simple touch screen control.

Navigation- This Dolphin S200 navigates your pool with advanced scanning software and gyroscopic navigation system called CleverClean to ensure the floors and walls of the pool are fully covered using the most efficient route. This cleaner will quickly return to the cleaning pattern after going around any obstacle it might encounter such as ladders, main drains, or toys on the bottom of the pool.

Operation- The S200 uses super-active brushing action to scrub away algae and bacteria from the walls and floor of the pool. Use the multi-function power supply to change the cycle, mode, or delay the start of the cleaner.

Filtration- Top access filtration system with dual-level filtering enhances the performance of the S200 in any pool condition. The multi-layer simultaneously separates and filters large debris from fine dirt to keep the cleaner clog free. The filter snaps apart easily for cleaning.